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RFID modules for extra capabilities for your devices

Whether you’re leveraging RFID technology to monitor the health of your manufacturing equipment or track your mobile assets, there’s always room for add-ons. SILION TECH RFID modules are the epitome of unerring performance to expand the capabilities of your existing readers. They are designed to increase the reading distance, improve RF outputs, enable data collection with multiple antennas, and make your RFID equipment more technically diverse and versatile.

The best module fit should match the type of your devices and intended applications, including the environment. You can choose from SILION TECH SIM 7100, SIM 7200, SIM 7300, SIM 7400, SIM 7500, SLR 6100, or other series for handheld and fixed RFID readers. If you need more information on a module’s documentation or API connectivity, feel free to go to our Support Center.

Why buy RFID modules by SILION TECH?

SILION TECH makes it easy to adopt IoT technology for your specific applications. As an established RFID module manufacturer, we develop modules that are:
■Easy to pair with your devices. Our modules can be integrated with compatible fixed and mobile devices on your site. They operate in UHF ranges and can be set up for a range of antennas.
■Upgraded with the latest RFID chips. SILION TECH UHF RFID modules use Impinj chips for longer reading distances and RAIN connectivity. These make for the highest-performance RFID solutions across many industries.
■Incredibly versatile. Retail, logistics, manufacturing, and even healthcare organizations can benefit from bringing our modules into their day-to-day operations. They allow you to quickly locate assets, obtain real-time temperature readings of your machinery, track your inventory, and more.
■Affordable to implement. Setting low chip-based RFID module prices is how we encourage the wider adoption of RFID technology. A modest one-time investment makes your business closer to the efficiency of tracking, managing, and monitoring assets through RFID.

It’s time to automate your processes

You can request a quote for any SILION TECH module for RFID devices online or over the phone. We are responsive via all contact methods during office hours. 

If you can’t decide between two or more modules because of potential compatibility issues or for other reasons, our experts will be delighted to break down the functionality of any device for you. We can help you choose the UHF product that best suits your tracking or asset management needs and existing readers.